Finding the Right Career

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right career or right job. All you have to do is Google “tips on choosing careers” and you will get several ideas thrown at you. 15,000,000 results as it so happens…

So, it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of choice thrown at you. Information is great but too much of it can lead to paralysis. You simply don’t know where to turn.

And then there are the stock phrases that say a lot but say nothing at the same time.

“Follow your bliss… find your passion…do what you love…”

This is a pretty common narrative. It sounds great in a “all we have to do is look at what we like and it will lead to our right career” kind of way.

But is this the answer? Maybe yes, maybe no. The world isn’t as simple and linear as that. In fact, it’s pretty damn complex, and if this passion dynamic were that straightforward, everyone would be doing it!

So what is the answer?

The bottom line is, you have to undertake self-reflection to discover your career path.  You have to do the work. For example, ask yourself questions about what matter in your life and help frame your career approach around that.

Sorry, it’s all down to you.

But if you want a steer: Here’s a video that might give you a few ideas.

And don’t forget to get your CV up to speed...