Importance of Having a LinkedIn Profile

It’s important to put LinkedIn into some context. A CV (or resume) is still the main marketing document for every job seeker, including for banking careers in Asia. That should always be your starting point.Linkedin profile writing hong kong

But recent years have also seen a shift in how people find jobs. So much of the hunt now takes place online. This is very prevalent in Hong Kong. We’re spending more time there researching potential roles and submitting applications.

Employers are also increasingly searching for the right people online, even banks and other financial institutions. From their perspective, it’s a cheap and efficient way to look for the right future employers. Separately, banking recruitment firms are also reaching out to candidates there.

Where LinkedIn Fits In

This is why having a good quality LinkedIn profile is essential for your personal branding and your career advancement. The social networking site is aimed at professionals, has more than 250 million members and can help people find jobs in a variety of ways.

According to Time magazine, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent. And you’re joining a huge community. So if you’ve resisted the idea of putting together a profile, you could be missing a trick.

Your LinkedIn profile and CV are similar in many ways, but they should be complementary rather than identical. In order to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is filled out completely. It’s a platform for showing off your accumulated expertise to potential recruiters and what you have to offer.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn

To do this you need to take the time to add targeted keywords to your profile’s body, summary, and headline. You should also join LinkedIn groups, which are there to enable you to create and strengthen connections in your industry and boost your profile in your field. There are a number of groups geared towards investment banking, financial institutions, private wealth, and so on. You can get this done professionally or

The whole team can take some time. Your LinkedIn message needs to be aligned with your personal brand and consistent with your CV. You can get this done professionally or you could do it yourself.

So forget about simply relying on your CV and cover letter to get that position. The world’s moved on. Banking has moved on. In order to get noticed in the right way, speak to us about getting a powerful LinkedIn profile created.