Graduates: How to Improve CVs for Internships

Graduates need to plan. Whether your goal is to get on a scheme with an investment bank in Hong Kong or to seek an internship at a private bank in Singapore, having a targeted CV is essential for standing out in a crowded Asian job market.

Let’s not forget thousands of students around the world are thinking about signing up for exactly the same bank jobs as you. They too have a finance degree from a good university, joined the ‘Finance Society’, and have some finance-related work experience. The list goes on. Because of this, every graduate has to find a way to make themselves distinctive. They need to stand out. In the right way.

Where Do Graduates Go Wrong?

Cutting corners can be a dangerous game. As great as the internet can be in terms of providing templates, writing your banking CV based on a template youHong Kong CV Graduates Resume ‘ve downloaded is not the answer in Hong Kong. For one thing, recruiters receive numerous templated CVs from candidates on a daily basis.

Think about how many thousands of people may be doing exactly the same thing. They are writing down the exact same qualifications, the same internships, and the same Finance Society experience. All on precisely the same one-size-fits-all CV template that anyone can access around the world.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out, being one of the masses that use a free and generic template is not the answer.

Essentially, you need to take a professional branding approach that adapts your job application according to your skills, the employer, the market in which it sits and the role on offer. You need to understand what you are selling and how best to sell it. A CV is, after all, simply a marketing document,

For an approach to writing your CV, here’s an ebook that can give you guidance.