Using Your CV to Market Yourself Effectively

When you throw your CV into the ring to get a job, it’s worth realising that job hunting is part art, part science.

The ‘science’ element comes from making sure that you fully optimise your CV from a keyword perspective so that recruiters ‘find’ you online, if that’s the route you take. Beyond basic psychology, the art element pretty much covers everything else – i.e. human engagemencv writing hong kongt.

The trouble is that a lot of people haven’t got to grips with one or both of these elements. Over and over again we hear stories from hiring managers stating their biggest challenge is finding qualified candidates.

What are They Doing Wrong With Their CV?

That’s not to say that qualified candidates aren’t out there. The issue is that many of them get filtered out long before the interview stage because they are poor at marketing themselves – i.e. they have a bad quality CV.

They don’t put their best foot forward in written form, they don’t keyword optimise their documents, they leave gaps in their work experiences (even when those gaps are easily explainable). They also poorly format the document.

So while they might meet all the right criteria, they are not presenting themselves in the right way. And this is simply at the CV level, never mind the interview stage. Most candidates are great at what they do but poor at marketing themselves to others that they are great at what they do. It’s amazing how many of us assume that what we’ve got to offer is obvious to everyone else.

What Can They Do About It?

So, you’re looking for a banking job search in Asia. If you’ve been searching for a role for a while and have not been getting responses clearly there’s something not quite working with your approach. Is it your CV? Maybe it’s your LinkedIn? Are you applying for the wrong roles?

Are you continuing down tried and trusted avenues when you should be considering alternatives? Sit down and have a good look. Maybe the economy, the season, the industry and so on are making it harder for you.

Anyone in the finance industry has known this dynamic for quite a few years now. That’s one more reason for you to push yourself to the front of the pack.

You may be the most talented person in the world. But unless you put the right version of yourself forward in written form, you may continue to be overlooked. You could simply be the right person but in the wrong place.

Don’t expect headhunters to see your CV and extrapolate what skills, abilities and experiences are relevant to every job opportunity. It has to be spelt out in the right way to them. It is not up to the hiring manager to work out that you are the one to chat with over the hundreds of applications they receive every week.

Take Ownership

That’s why you need to take ownership of the situation and put yourself in the best possible position to get that job. That’s why you have to take a look at how you market yourself. Consider your CV, your LinkedIn and your cover letter.

If you need someone to review your job hunting approach, or if you need a career coach to act as a sounding board for your next move, feel free to get in contact.

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